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Boudoir photos are not just for the young and fit.They are an expression of beauty for all women, no matter your age, size or identity. It is our vision to encourage all women to embrace their human landscape, and discover the beauty of bringing your personality to the surface.

Velvet Mae hosts Girls Night In Boudoir parties. Visit for details
Velvet Mae was born from a devotion to sensuality. It thrills to Lou Reed's voice and the seductive world of Velvet Underground's Venus in Furs, with Mae West's upturned lips and celebrated curves. How could i not fall in love with a woman who loves her curves as much as I love mine?

5% of my proceeds are put towards art kits for the teens who are brought into the Denise House. I've always found doodling to be a wonderful form of self expression. I wanted to reach out to the teens who are coping with coming out of abusive homes by offering art kits for them to pour out their emotions in a creative way.



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